Mobile & Wireless Development

We specialize in Mobile development with experience in all the major operating systems from Palm to Symbian. Our developers are experts with years of experience in J2ME, BREW, Windows Mobile and Bluetooth and all the major wireless technologies. Our wireless experts can build a wireless application to handle any specialized need, on any wireless device. We have an experienced team of developers and project managers who have a broad skill set in enterprise mobile and wireless development, in multiple languages including Java/J2ME, WAP, Blackberry, Palm and Symbian. We focus on your wireless application needs and how it will fit within your existing business.

Services offered:

Functionality QA

We provide functionality and evaluation QA on all mobile platforms from our India & US facilities.

We maintain a full-time team of professional mobile QA Project Managers who are fully experienced in designing and managing Test Programs including:

  • Application functionality QA
  • Application/device interoperability and compatibility QA
  • Network connectivity QA
  • Multiplayer QA (both MMO and player vs. player)
  • QA as per 'Certification requirements'
  • Non-game mobile applications.

Development & Porting Services

In today's competitive enviroment porting is one of the most challenging task that content providers face on regular basis. We provide 'Quick Porting' services for multiple handsets in multiple languages. We follow leading porting technologies with manual solutions, in which clients are required to provide us with the reference builds in english builds and we transform them into multi-handset, multi-language (on demand) SKUs ready for deployment.

We have a dedicated team of experinced professional for mobile development process. Our experience professional are committed towards professional excellence and helps us to provide with flawless and timely committed services. We can help you master the clutter of different standards and handset models by developing your mobile solutions. Besides specializing in mobile application development, our mobile teams are experienced in system level projects such as stack development and security. We maintain a dedicated GSM development, porting and testing labs and are fluent in a broad range of mobile platforms, including Microsoft Windows Mobile, Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, J2ME, C++/BREW, Symbian and Palm.

We can help you master the clutter of different standards and handset models by developing as well as testing and porting your mobile solutions. Looking forward to assist your organisation to embrace mobile and wireless technology.

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