Application Development

TechiZen's customization group consists of professional program analysts dedicated to developing and supporting custom application modifications that meet your unique business needs, helping you to implement the solutions that meet your business goals.

We have rich programming experience in various industries including finance, manufacturing, education, and health care driven by the goal of clients' satisfaction.

Our customization team can customize your software products with consistently reliable service by using advanced technology and tools, complying with informative development process and adopting unique methodology catering for your customization outsourcing needs.

How we do it

  • Our software products customization service spans the entire project life cycle driven by the clients' request, involving customization requirement analysis, design, planning, development and testing.
  • In order to get well acquaint with the software product for the future customization, training as a rule is involved in both ways onsite as well as offshore.
  • Then, for each customization, customization begins with requirement definition. TechiZen will make prudential analysis to identify the true requirements for changes since there may be only subtle differences between two similar customizations of same core software.
  • During the software customization process, most consulting work is done with clients. Such collaborative effort assures our customized application to be very effective.

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